vVARDIS Testimonials

“Before vVARDIS, I could not whiten my teeth without sensitivity and pain. Just 2 applications and my teeth are whiter than ever; they feel smoother and less sensitive.”

- Eric W.

“vVARDIS whitens immediately and makes my teeth look natural and feel stronger. I highly recommend vVARDIS products.”

- Marcos F.

“Whiter, brighter and smoother. I love vVARDIS and so do my teeth – and my mouth. I will never go back to whitening strips or bleach.”

- Lauren F.

“I have been reluctant to whiten my teeth because of bleaching. vVARDIS has changed all that with its new approach. My teeth are whiter and feel smoother. No sensitivity.”

- Jeffim K.

“It really does whiten immediately. I have tried everything and nothing works quite like vVARDIS.”

- Ellianna P.

“My teeth have never looked better and my mouth has never felt better.”

- Rebecca V.

“My teeth were discoloured with calcium deposits. My teeth have been far more evenly whiter and brighter since I started using vVARDIS. I did not think this was possible without veneers, but I see a huge improvement.”

- Todd T.

“I skipped the dentist during the pandemic and ordered vVARDIS. My teeth are ‘cleaner’ and whiter. They feel better and my dentist said my mouth is in better shape than the last time they saw me. ”

- Sonia C.

“I am thrilled to incorporate these luxurious oral care products into my beauty routine. For me, having beautiful white teeth is an instant confidence booster and simply makes my whole face shine!”

- Simone S. aka. The Silver Women